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Neil Cicierega - Unused Gravity Falls Theme

Here is what could’ve been

Gravity Falls is on Disney now and it looks amazing. They asked me to send in theme music a year ago, I sent in a couple demos, and they didn’t end up going with mine. Oh well! Here’s one of them.

I still love this!

holy SNAP this is radddd 


" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle



babysitting this fucking asshole

how did that hedgehog learn how to type



Bird Music

This is how they write Jazz

i wanna do a thing.

where me and some friends play runescape for a month.

we sign up on day 1 and noob quest for 30 days.

let me know if you wanna have a time

run escape.



pen loves tmbg

1. catbug

2. pencil rain is exactly like the knife storm

3. he’s said so

i googled “they might be giants catbug” and im so glad this was the first result

i googled “they might be giants catbug” and im so glad this was the first result


yes they make tuxedos for giraffes and yes they are ridiculously expensive


hi i’ve opened an etsy shop where i’m selling vintage jewellery! you can look at it here and buy some stuff if you feel like it!


Throwback: before most cables ran underground, all electrical, telephone and telegraph wires were suspended from high poles


If you have problems focusing while you write, try using ILYS.

The site is coded so that you can’t see what you are writing, only the last letter, and you can’t edit anything until you get to your words goal.
This means you have to focus on writing and what’s on your mind, and not the editing of what you have written so far.
You have to write or you can’t edit.
Once you hit your goal you can edit and write normally, or go back and use ilys once again.

Since you don’t have to worry about editing, you can let your creativity flows.
It can be frustrating, but it’s also liberating because you have to let it go.

Write first, edit later.